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We will be accepting abstracts in the following areas:

Refining processing technologies:

  • Technical developments in Bottom of the Barrel Upgrading, including SDA, Coking, Slurry and Fixed Bed Residue hydroprocessing technologies to Gasification
  • Sulphur content in the fuel mix: The new maritime fuel specifications as well as meeting Euro V transportation fuel specifications
  • Refinery Processes: Resid- and PetroFCC as well as a combination thereof, Aromatics / Aromatics complexes
  • Biofuels, use of biomass and use of Renewable Energy within the Downstream Processing

Refining and Petrochemical Integration opportunities to improve margins

Utilities & Offsites, Waste Minimisation

  • Waste Water Treatment / Zero Liquid Discharge
  • Waste to Energy, in particular for petrochemicals
  • Seawater desalination

New technical / technological developments for processing hydrocarbons:

  • Improving refinery efficiency from a processing perspective
  • Improving refinery availability with advanced maintenance cycle
  • Future technologies for changing feedstock landscape
  • New catalyst developments for refining and petrochemicals
  • R&D for future technologies

New technical / technological developments for improved operation:

  • Improving refinery efficiency from an operation point of view
  • Unscheduled shutdowns
  • Maximizing the value of available gas and developing the petrochemical industry – direct gas conversion gas / methane as alternative to gas to liquids

Special topics:

  • Raising performance polyolefins using nucleating agent and processing aid
  • Future technologies for polyolefins
  • Digitalization / Internet of Things / Industry 4.0

Other topics:

  • Fertilizer Production
  • Develop local resources
  • CO2 removal for enhanced oil recovery
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